M Brandt Photo is a professional full service portrait and editorial photography studio located in Madison, WI. We specialize in LGBT families, with an emphasis in business portraiture and branding, events and a minor in the fine arts.

FAMILIES: We provide the Madison community with a personable, all inclusive experience that results in artwork you’ll display and tell stories around for years and generations to come. It is my mission to capture your story through my lens. To envision and create a narrative that represents you, your business, or your family authentically through the highest quality fine art portraiture and to create tangible, long lasting heirlooms that will outlive Instagram, Facebook, your old computer and the screen you’re reading this on.

ARTISTS: I work with artist, performers, galleries, and art related organizations to document artists work with proper color, resolution, lighting, and other standards for reprints, grants, gallery books, special editions and products. Below are common session objectives.

  • - Artist Portraits / Headshots

  • - Studios, Interiors and Gallery Installations

  • - Product and Artwork

  • - Artist Exhibitions and Openings

  • - Special Events

  • - On the stage / Theatre and Concerts

BUSINESS BRANDING: Artfully creating content for business to use in print, the web, social media and all other publications. I work with small business, corporations, and non-profits to create images that represent your brand.

  • - Business Portraits / Headshots

  • - (6 months) of social media content

  • - Interiors, architecture, exteriors

  • - Food, drink, blog content

  • - Restaurants, events, markets

I like to work when I'm not working - do something that may not be considered work, but to me it's work. Getting exercise by going to the grocery store.

-Andy Warhol


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